Episode 80

its transit yall (ft @julcuba & @davecoion)


March 5th, 2020

41 mins 29 secs

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all cops appreciate bicycles

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  • 0:00 FMK Transit
  • 5:27 dark doppleganger dave
  • 7:11 bell-free bike badguys
  • 12:27 The Dutch Reach
  • 13:54 cops drive and are Normal
  • 18:58 Roll Tide (for transit)
  • 20:33 the disconnect from voters
  • 22:10 under the bus on a bikelane
  • 27:05 political calculus
  • 30:44 the romance of bikeshare
  • 33:36 free transit plans
  • 36:25 elon musk

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music by Aylo