Episode 79

A Treatise on Dudes (ft Luke Winkie)


February 26th, 2020

1 hr 38 mins 56 secs

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  • 00:00 bill simmons in the quantum realm
  • 4:47 What is: The Guy
  • 8:59 Why Do Guys Love Getting Drunk and Visiting Their Old College Apartment?
  • 30:56 The Men Wearing Dragon Shirts Think They’re Straight Fire
  • 43:23 The Dudes Who Love Their Wives’ Pregnancy Pillows
  • 49:01 The 50,000 Men Obsessed with ‘That True Detective Scene with Alexandra Daddario’
  • 60:01 The Porn Video Montages That Turn Masturbation into a Rhythm Game
  • 66:42 Why Guys Are Forking Over Money to Get Catfished on Purpose
  • 73:11 Why Men Are Paying Women for Accurate Critiques of their Dicks
  • 84:32 Why Are Men So Obsessed with Blackout Curtains?
  • 92:05 Overwatch 'Healsluts' Turn Playing Support Into An Erotic Experience

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music by Aylo