Episode 116



September 17th, 2020

1 hr 8 mins 18 secs

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the noble houses of conservatism

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  • 00:48 eating, disordered
  • 4:06 hanoi jane is farrah fawcett
  • 7:55 fate and cringe
  • 12:08 raul pudd
  • 14:08 mt doom's local culture
  • 19:09 the Posting of Dorian Gray
  • 21:42 biden's operation paperclip
  • 25:25 florida and political fantasy
  • 33:07 blue texas and other silly things
  • 36:30 legalizing it?
  • 39:02 a theory of booby traps
  • 46:27 the climate kami
  • 51:07 love that house of saud
  • 53:17 noble conservative houses
  • 60:45 nixon and veeps
  • 65:46 "Punished" Barack

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music by Aylo Beats