Episode 115

Patreon Teaser: P.O.S.T.


September 13th, 2020

2 mins 19 secs

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the new EGOT

  • 00:50 a theory of comedy
  • 4:05 the Argument
  • 17:57 substack and media consolidation
  • 30:30 one (1) niche x-men reference
  • 32:05 a balkanization of reality
  • 34:34 online E.G.O.T. / P.O.S.T.
  • 36:35 "monetize individuality"
  • 38:49 "negative externalities"
  • 42:27 education through eschatology
  • 44:40 the red queen
  • 47:38 comrade wallstreet has an idea
  • 52:21 time for some game theory
  • 56:31 hellworld, thoughtfully
  • 65:00 spitting snuffleupagus game
  • 67:39 discount, near-expired soviet socialism

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music by Aylo Beats