Episode 58

thats so craven


November 5th, 2019

50 mins 19 secs

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  • 0:00 True Love
  • 1:34 Foundations of Gawker
  • 6:21 The Odyssey of Gizmodo
  • 19:02 The Murder of Deadspin by the Coward Herb Spanfeller
  • 26:04 Trump is Florida Man (its fine we're from florida)
  • 34:01 Jeb, George, and Tug
  • 36:30 NCAA finally paying labor
  • 40:15 That's So Craven
  • 43:20 Hit the Dab-o
  • 46:23 gamers driving labor
  • 49:01 a call to algorithmic action

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music by Aylo