Episode 40

NEET Silver ft @LivvyFanon


August 12th, 2019

47 mins 42 secs

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  • 0:00 King of the Florida ESL Class
  • 1:58 The Riff That Was Promised; A Prophecy Fulfilled
  • 4:01 mandatory epstein
  • 12:34 can we do socialism
  • 15:47 good judeo-christian dogs
  • 18:36 deadnaming and the media
  • 22:30 gaming: a mixed bag
  • 32:22 joe rogan and bernie did ayahuasca and i saw the ayahuasca and the ayahuasca looked at me
  • 36:55 NEET SILVER
  • 40:07 semper fi (fi is latin for 'crash into the ocean')
  • 44:57 Russia Did Chernobyl, and Chernobyl 2
  • 46:36 Foucault F Yourself, Buddy!!

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music by ALiCKZ