Episode 183

#183 - The Paul De Revere Experience


September 20th, 2022

3 hrs 8 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

Hard Armenian Truths
Kingston, Jamaica
Havana and the CIA
Sexy Diplomats
Basque Phrenology
Chivalric Combat
The Power of News
A Sense of History
An Afro-Centric Education
Ranked Choice Voting
Some Lib Aesthetic Stuff
Sanctuary Cities
Dixie Security Days
Tallahassee vs. Miami vs. NYC
south florida sucks
haiti rules
extrajudicial nardwuar
paul stories
chesty puller
florida-tier racism
fear and loathing in security
how to reach people
You Are Not Lenin
Get 5: Explained
Zoomer Socialism
outreach issues
ideology vs conspiracy
Building the groundwork
“lost causes”
American Best Case
Social Democracy vs Democratic Socialism
dark money
how to “pressure” politicians
twitter advocacy
Do Dems Have Shame
Voting and the Role of the Democratic Party
brake light ideology
student loans
railworkers strike
disruption and protest
gender and labor
Aztec Apologia
a sincere moment

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