Episode 111

Patreon Teaser: american gothic


August 21st, 2020

2 mins 1 sec

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  • 00:50 shut up queen victoria
  • 4:41 some questions about the DNC
  • 6:22 colin powell and the iraq war
  • 9:32 clarence thomas
  • 10:37 joe rogan
  • 12:25 new american gothic
  • 14:50 florida man cuomo
  • 17:56 embodying politics
  • 20:00 warcrime buddies
  • 24:00 uncanny aesthetics
  • 26:01 Prester John and the Dog-people
  • 27:27 one weird trick for getting on cnn
  • 28:50 Legacies and Slavic Fatalism
  • 33:12 the value of defeat
  • 35:07 antediluvian party people
  • 39:15 gaslighting brett
  • 54:45 dont look at the climate

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music by Aylo Beats